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    English - Spanish Real Estate Glossary

    Some important Spanish real estate terms you may encounter during a typical real estate transaction in Mexico and their equivalent in English.

    Abogado:  Lawyer, attorney

    Adquisición: Acquisition

    Apoderado: Agent through a power of Attorney

    Arrendamiento: Lease

    Avaluo: Property appraisal report

    Beneficiario: Beneficiary

    Bienes raíces: Real Estate

    Cedula Catastral: Cedula Cadastral. The document that verify that a property is registered and contained the elements that define the property

    Certificado de libertad de gravamen: Lien release certificate

    Cesión: An Assignment of Rights or Obligations

    Concesión: Concession

    Convenio: Agreement

    Corredor: Broker

    Derechos: Rights

    Ejecución de Hipoteca: Foreclosure

    Ejido: Common land owned by a community

    Escritura: Deed

    Estudio de impacto ambiental: Environmental impact study

    Estudio topografico:  Land or plot survey

    Fideicomiso: Trust agreement

    Fideicomisario: Trustee or beneficiary

    Fideicomitente: The trust grantor

    Fiduciario: Fiduciary

    Garantía: Guarantee

    Gravamen: Lien

    Gravamen de Liberación: Lien release

    Hipoteca: Mortgage

    Honorarios: Fee

    Impuesto Predial: Property tax

    Impuesto Zona Federal: Federal Zone Tax

    Indice de porcentaje anual: Annual percentage Rate (APR)

    Inscripción: The act of recording a registry of a public record

    IVA: Value added tax

    Levantamiento topográfico: Survey

    Medidas y colindancias: Measurements used to describe the location, metes and bounds of a plot of land

    Notario publico: Notary public

    Perito: A licensed or certified expert in a particular field

    Póliza: Policy

    Predio: Land

    Propiedad: Property

    Registro: Registry

    Registro Publico de la Propiedad y Comercio: Public Registry of Property and Commerce

    Salario mínimo: Minimum wage

    Titulo de propiedad: Property title

    Traspaso: Transfer

    Zona Federal: Federal Zone or Restricted zone



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